Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 55 Practical Matters

Show Notes
Episode 55 Practical Matters Click to play
Discussion: @ 4:15
Dan and Jeff discuss what they are up to in the classroom this week.
Dan’s links mentioned
Jeff’s link mentioned

Book Talk: @ 41;30
Dan talks about Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Media Integration: @ 45:44
Jeff talks about Dylan’s Couch Podcast.

Didya See?/Listener Feedback @ 50:26
Teacher’s Lounge Mafia Show on Feb 13th at UMF.
Richard Byrne, of will join us for Episode 56 this weekend.
Positive comments from Mrs.Okie on our last episode.
New York ComicCon (Educator’s Day on Friday)

Music in this week's episode comes from Penmachine Podcast. “Meltdown Man” intro music by Derek K. Miller. Bumper music, “Particle Spin 30” Composed by:Roy Dank, BMI (33%), Michael Genato, ASCAP (34%), James Ronaghan, BMI (33%) also from

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bob said...

I came across your post re: capzles. A couple of other timeline/storytelling tools to check out for classroom use are:

F. Terry said...

I passed along to one of the Lit Teachers here at the Distance Learning Center in AR. She had been looking for something like that and I wanted to pass along her appreciation of the info.

Meg said...

Loved, loved, loved the Hunger Games. I think it would make a really neat companion piece to Shirley Jackson's The Lottery. What do you guys think? And Jeff...don't you dare steal this from me!