Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Episode 71 Those Who Came Before

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Discussion @ 3:40

Dan and Jeff discuss teachers that influenced them.

Tech Talk: @ 58:45

Jeff shares some site tools for webmasters.

Book Talk: @ 1:04:35

Dan reviews “Inhumans” by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

Media Integration: @ 1:09:19

Dan shares Alec Couros’s Open Thinking Blog

Didya See/Listener Feedback @ 1:13:11

An update on Bonney Eagle Graduation incident.

Baldacci backs off on penalties for schools that didn’t regionalize.

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TeachJ said...

The teachers who most influenced me would be my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Komeniki who made school fun and even interesting for the first time. She read Charlotte's Web and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to us. My middle school band teacher, Mr. Hall, who taught me more about life, than about music. And finally, Sgt. Carter, my high school JROTC teacher, who was more like an uncle to me than a teacher. He taught me about responsibility, loyalty and leadership.

Jim Burke said...

Episode 71 is by far the best show you've done. The main topic of looking at past teachers and their effect on you is perhaps one of the most important exercises we can do in looking at our own teaching styles. For some odd reason, I've found that many educators are reluctant to talk about their own experiences as students and this has always puzzled me.

Here is a post that I did last year on my favorite teacher:

Furthermore, the Open Thinking blog suggestion alone would have made this a great show. Wow!

Finally, the rant on Maine school consolidation was priceless and right on point, IMHO.

Thank you,