Sunday, October 25, 2009

Episode 83 ACTEM MainED 09: The Aftermath

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Show Notes
Dan and Jeff recap their experiences at ACTEM's MAINED 09 Conference

Check out the links mentioned in this weeks show
Mark Spahr's Cover It Live blog of the WDL workshop and the Google presentation link

Seedling's Geek of the Week Lunch links

Marco Torres's student project "The Power of One"

Check out Seedlings Geek of the Week Lunchtime Session on iTunes "Seedlings at Bit-By-Bit" Show 72.

Special Thanks to all of our workshop participants! Listen to the end of the show for your input.

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1 comment:

mrichme said...

Guys, thanks for a great recap of a special day. My daughter thought it was cool that you talked about me on your show.

I think you guys were talking about VirtualBox so you can run multiple OSs so you don't have to reboot.

Dan, don't give up your day job. BTW, Lisa Loeb told me to tell you don't sing her songs on the Internet again.

It was good to catch up with you guys at the conference. I'm glad you guys finally left the Fort Western Room!