Thursday, February 25, 2010

Episode 93 You Gotta Want It

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Show Notes

Jeff and Dan respond to a listener suggested topic about intrinsic motivation of students.

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Harold Shaw said...

Hey guys, what are you going to do for Episode 100? A big meetup with all your fans where you can spend all that Google advertising millions that you are earning on this blog and through your podcasts, to announce your imminent rise to fame :)


Wicked Decent Learning said...

Hey Harold,

Sadly I never configured Google Advertising for the site. I started the process but got distracted (imagine that).

We are considering a call in show for the 100th but haven't nailed anything down yet. Maybe an interview, maybe a game show? Maybe we'll retire and run for President in 2012? Who knows, got any suggestions?

-Jeff WDL

harold Shaw said...

Why not do a meetup somewhere? It would be a good excuse for some of us to get out of the house - cabin fever has set in! Or if it is is in 6-7 weeks a good excuse to get out of doing yard chores :)

I don't know about running for Pres...might be too easy for you guys, but at least we would know where you stand. I think you would be happier in the classroom.

Let me know, I would love to join in, been a listener for a long time :) I am sure that Mark, Rich and some others would like to also.