Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the nominees are....

Recently I became more aware of the "Eddy" awards. These are awards given out for educational blogging each year and nominations are open to anyone who has their own blog. I had sort of heard of it in prior years but this year I had planned to nominate some of my favorite educational bloggers. Someone beat me to the punch. Richard Byrne of FreeTech4Teachers blog nominated Wicked Decent Learning for "Best Educational Use of Audio". Thank you Richard for your nomination. We never expected a positive superlative adjective to be thrown our way (sorry English teacher talk).

We'd like to nominate some people we think deserve some recognition in the field of educational blogging. If you'd like to nominate someone yourself, go to the nomination page here.

Best Resource Sharing Blog: FreeTech4Teachers blog by Richard Byrne (and not because he nominated us). All it takes is one look at this blog and you can instantly see the value in subscribing. Lots "use this on Monday" ideas and Richard consistently ties resources back to educational application with explanations, ideas and examples to current uses. This is the place to be..... go there..... now...... I mean it, why are you even reading further.

Best Educational Wiki: Learning in Maine Resources. This site was started by Jim Burke and has an incredible set of resources contributed by multiple people. It's up to date and he's very open to contributions. I doubt there is a topic, educational buzz word, or subject not respresented in some way. Don't just read, contribute and help grow this amazing resource.

Best Educational Use of a Social Networking Service: Ernie Easter's Maine Holocaust Ning. If you teach the Holocaust or want to see what you can do to join the "Never Again" commitment, this is the place to be. Ernie has 50+ members contributing resources, video, and reviews of content for this important cause.

Best Educational Use of Audio: Dave Solon's TwentyMinutes4Tech podcast. Dave is a PA tech education guy with a simple concept. You can influence and inspire educators about the power of technology in twenty minutes. He has landed some great interviews with not just people in the field of technology, but with people like Daniel Pink who have challenged the thinking of many teachers, schools and students. We chatted with Dave here back in Episode 24.

Thanks to these fine folks for all that they do.



Dave Solon said...

Wow - thanks guys! You post so much more information than I do, I think you should get the nod on this one, but thank you for thinking of me!

We'll have to get together and do another podcast like before - it was fun, and I always learn from you guys! Keep up the awesome work, and again, thanks for the kind words.

Mr. Byrne said...

Thank you for the nomination. I continue to be amazed that anyone other than my mother reads the stuff I write.
You guys, on the other hand, are entertaining and deserve the nomination. Keep producing the informative, thought provoking, and entertaining podcasts.