Sunday, November 16, 2008

Episode 45 A Conversation with Liz B. Davis

Show Notes:

This week we have a conversation with Liz B. Davis about the importance of professional and personal learning networks.

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Listener Feedback:
Jim Burke asks if we can get closer to the microphone.
Richard Byrne nominates us for a 2008 Edublog "Eddy" award. Thanks Richard!
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This episode was recorded November 15, 2008.


Liz B Davis said...

Hey guys,
Thanks so much for inviting me on your show! I just listened through to the end - what's with all the self-deprecation? OK - so comparing me to Alice on the Brady Bunch was not the best way to start the conversation ;) but other than that I thought it was great fun, and an interesting discussion (really!).

By the way, I got a check from Lulu yesterday for $21.91. That was very exciting.

Here is the link for the NPR radio extension on Firefox:

Here is Dave Truss's blog post about Facebook:

I'm happy to add a female perspective to your podcast anytime (as long as I get to be Marsha). It was a wicked lot of fun (seriously!).


Mr. Byrne said...

Good episode.

I think we're all in the underdog category for the Edublog awards.

I'm looking forward to the "all pinko talk" podcast. :)