Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Episode 48 Dear Mr. President-Elect

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Show notes:
Discussion: @ 3:44
Dan and Jeff discuss advice they’d give to the incoming US Secretary of Education.

Tech Talk: @ 57:29
Jeff discusses resources that have fun with numbers, math and stats.

Book Talk: @ 1:04:35
Dan talks about “Designing Disney’s Theme Parks” Edited by Karal Ann Marling

Media Integration: @ 1:10:08
Jeff discusses the website http://brainrules.net/

Didya See?/Listener Feedback @ 1:14:25
Thanks TeachJ with the comment on iTunes
Thanks to all who helped us get nominated to the Eddy awards! We promise we won’t get lazy resting on our laurels.
JimBurke says absolutely best show to date (tracking)
Jerome Burg (of Google Lit Trips) thanks us
http://kennebecjournal.mainetoday.com/news/local/5666004.html Thanks to Michael Richards for the article on Sue Gendron’s advice to the new administration.

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Mr. Byrne said...

Through the use of triangulation I've now pin-pointed the secret recording location of WDL. :)
Good show as always.