Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episode 49 No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service Learning

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Show notes:
Discussion: @ 3:29
Dan and Jeff discuss Service Learning.

Tech Talk: @ 37:24
Jeff discusses service learning resource sites

Book Talk: @ 44:18
Dan talks about another “Salt Water Taffy” short graphic novel by Matthew Loux

Media Integration: @ 49:18
Dan discuss the film “Stalag 17” by Billy Wilder

Didya See?/Listener Feedback @ 53:12
Obama picks Ed. Secretary
December 29th at 8:00PM EST “Listener Call in Show”
Maine Teacher wins Survivor Gabon!
Maine joins the NECAP assessment

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Mr. Byrne said...

Yes, Oxford Hills does have a service learning requirement for senior exit presentations. We have had students do projects like the "hunter safety" project. One of my students a couple of years ago did a wilderness leadership project for elementary school students.
Good topic.


mrichme said...

Hey guys,

I realize I'm a little late to the show. I have to take a position on your topic. Service learning is more about taking service to your community and integrating the learning within your classroom. Here is an example of what I mean, if you teach video production you may match up with a non-profit (or profit) group that needs a commercial for their group so that the products or assessments are tied in with the group. A final project may the product of a 30 second public service announcement. A great resource for service learning is KIDS Consortium.

Most of what you described in the episode is still community service (helping your community out but it is outside the classroom).

I've been involved with service learning through my school for the last 10 years or so and the kids always remember these projects because of the "real life" connections made between the content and the world outside of the classroom.