Thursday, July 16, 2009

Episode 73 Rolling out the New Models.

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Show notes:
Discussion @ 6:05
Dan and Jeff discuss the educator as role models.

Tech Talk: @ 58:06
Jeff shares some sites for iPhone/iPod/iTouch users. and the wiki

Book Talk: @ 1:07:09
Dan reviews “The Eternal Smile” by Gene Luen Yang & Derek Kirk Kim.

Media Integration: @ 1:12:33
Dan shares the DVD miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon”

Didya See/Listener Feedback @ 1:17:11 MSNBC story on “Tech in Schools: Federal Cuts Sow Concern”

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the episode and I think it is one of the most important parts of being a good teacher, especially if you teach in an area of high poverty. I come from working class roots myself and know about it first hand.

I do think that a personal connection with the student is the most important thing in order to influence them. This is especially true of kids from poverty. I've always been a fan of the phrase - "They don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

This is why teachers must be held to a higher standard of conduct than other professions. Because they are going to be in close contact with children and forming a caring relationship.

I think another part of it is what they call "the other education" at Texas A&M University. It is about having, modeling and expecting a set of behaviors, standards and ethics. My sister is an Aggie and married an Aggie, so I got it second hand.

I think these things can be more important that teaching content sometimes. For some kids it is that one teacher who takes the time to find out what they need to be successful, not just in their class, but in life. Some days it is more important to look at the bigger picture.

I know it seems totally emo, but if you don't care about kids, how can you be an effective teacher? For some of these kids, we spend more time with them in a day than their parents do.

Not every teacher needs to be the "how are you doing today," or the "are you OK" type either. Some kids need a tougher brand of love, some need that teacher with the really high expectations, and some need a teacher who can show them where their talents lie. But no matter what, I think it starts with them knowing that deep down, you care about their success in life and not just school.

(Stepping down from my soap box now)