Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Episode 1

A Wicked Decent Learning Experience by Mainahs for Educators, Ayuh!

Show Notes:

A discussion of issues in Maine education from 2007 including, but not limited to, the school regionalization plan, new Maine Learning Results, moritorium on graduation requirements and a look forward to Maine and education in 2008.

Jeff reviews TeacherTube, an online video website for teachers and students at

Dan reviews the book "Lush" by Natasha Friend, a book about a teenage girl's experience in dealing with her alcoholic father.

And, the proper spelling is "pbpfpbpppblbltfh" and yes, there will be a test later...

And the time generator we spoke of... well, as soon as I get the flux capacitor working again, I'll post it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very interesting points that you bring up, I would be interested to hear some different points of view concerning the laptop initiative, what it was originally meant to be, and what it has become.

Look forward to the next episode.