Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Episode Is On Its Way!

Dan here . . .

While Jeff furiously works on the editing front, I thought I'd let the people know that we had a magnificent morning of recording during which we were visited by the fine people of TimeWarner Cable who came to my home and fixed the high speed internet connection through which I am communicating to you at this very moment.

We also failed miserably at cutting our show time down to 45 minutes. In fact, this show is a might bit longer than the last one.

What's it all about? Well, Jeff will post the show notes proper once the show is up and running, but I can tell you this -- we chat about the TeLL survey that is sweeping the state, we yap about the workload of educators that goes beyond the immediate classroom, and we converse about computerized secretaries, popping zits, legalization of the plant referred to in some circles as 'The Herb' (which makes me recall the mid-Eighties Burger King promotional campaign 'I'm Not Herb' and wish I had mentioned that in the show), and evidence that people actually do listen to us.

From Jeff's exasperations, I reckon we're still having some trouble with cutting ourselves off at the beginning of each segment, but it's getting better!

Ever upward!

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