Saturday, January 19, 2008

Episode 4 Workin for Tha Man

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Show notes:
Jeff n' Dan discuss teacher workload. What stresses us out, eats up or time and what could be done about it. We also discuss the TeLL survey put out by the MEA and DOE to gauge teacher workload issues in Maine.

Tech Talk:
Jeff reviews some possible time saving tools. Wouldn’t you like a secretary? Well, here are some ideas of how you might have a digital one. Web tools reviewed are:

Media Integration:
Dan and Jeff talk about effective use of Movies in the classroom. Asking students to stretch their visual intelligence.

Book Talk:
Dan reviews a collection of short story comics about middle school life called Stuck in the Middle: Seventeen Comics from an UNPLEASANT Age edited by Ariel Schrag from Viking Publishers.

Didya See?:
Deering High School students get the go ahead to show a marijuana legalization movie.

Music in this week's episode comes from and Penmachine Podcast. “Meltdown Man” intro music by Derek K. Miller. Check out his music at

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This episode was recorded January 19th, 2008.
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