Saturday, February 2, 2008

Episode 5 Competition in the Classroom

Show notes:
Jeff n' Dan discuss competition as a motivational force in a classroom. When and in what ways does a sense of competition harm/help?

Tech Talk:
Jeff Reviews some tools for debate and discussion (Debatepedia)

Media Integration:
Dan discusses the PBS Frontline Series and website

Book Talk:
Dan Reviews Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson, a book about how TV, movies and video games actually make us think!

Didya See?:
Lots here this week.
TeLL survey results
UMF offers a Master’s Program in Education
DOE changes funding for needy students
Forums for the new MLRs and graduation requirements. See Sue Gendron’s video courtesy of Jim Burke’s Learning in Maine blog and Nokomis Warrior Broadcasting.

Music in this week's episode comes from and Penmachine Podcast. “Meltdown Man” intro music by Derek K. Miller.

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This episode was recorded Feb 2, 2008.


Kern Kelley said...

Thanks for the plug Jeff, great podcast, keep up the good work!

Mike said...

You can count by twos.

This little finger is 1,2. This little thumb is 3,4. And this middle finger is 5,6.

English teachers!

Looking forward to episode 6!

Anonymous said...

Not related to this episode, but a more of a general curiosity to both Dan & Jeff, and anyone reading this:

If you were an individual making the decision to go into education, knowing what you know, and having the experience that you have; would you make the same decision? why or why not?

Also what would you advice be to someone facing the same choice?

Sorry if this sounds like a test question, but you will be graded on the completeness of your answer; and I will be checking your sources (no I will not accept Wikipedia as a valid source)