Sunday, February 10, 2008

Recordin' Right Now, Friends

Dan here:

Before we go caucus (big shock, Dan & Jeff are Democrats -- booga!) we're getting together to record Episode 6. (Jeff wants everyone to get out there and caucus today -- though I think it may be a bit late for that.)

We had a plan for this week's show, but after getting a very intriguing comment on the blog, we decided to put off our conversation about politics and classroom for another day and take on the question posed by our listener.

Anonymous posted: "Not related to this episode, but a more of a general curiosity to both Dan & Jeff, and anyone reading this:

If you were an individual making the decision to go into education, knowing what you know, and having the experience that you have; would you make the same decision? why or why not?

Also what would you advice be to someone facing the same choice?

Sorry if this sounds like a test question, but you will be graded on the completeness of your answer; and I will be checking your sources (no I will not accept Wikipedia as a valid source)"

Brilliant question, Anonymous. Our answers -- at least, today's version of our answers as I freely admit my feelings on this matter seem to change with the tides -- reside firmly at the core of this episode.

Of course, we'll also have Jeff offering up some great tech tools, this week devoting time to online bookmark collecting and organizing applications. And I'll be sharing my book talkin' thoughts on Kelly Bingham's Shark Girl and my media integration notions on the documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

With any hope, there'll be some great listening ahead.

(Oh, and Jeff's formal show notes will have the links for everything we talk about.)

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