Sunday, March 9, 2008

Episode 10 Group-ease

Show notes:
Discussion: @ 3:18
Jeff n' Dan discuss their experiences and ideas with group work.
Bernie Dodge’s Page of Webquest Roles for students

Tech Talk: @ 42:19
Enchanted Learning

Media Integration/Book Talk @ 53:36
Dan talks about the book Money Ball by Michael Lewis.
Sites for Fantasy Baseball

Didya See?: @ 1:02:30
More Budget Cuts for Schools (KJ)
Gardiner (SAD 11) Votes to Stand Alone in Consolidation

Listener Feedback @ 1:14:37
Marc, mRichMe, Deb,

Music in this week's episode comes from Penmachine Podcast. “Meltdown Man” intro music by Derek K. Miller.

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This episode was recorded March 8, 2008.


mrichme said...

Dan and Jeff,

Another great show. I enjoyed the discussion on group work because even at the elementary level I run into the same issues.

Here are some more mindmapping resources for other to use MindMaster, Mindomo, and Gliffy are easy to use and user-friendly.

A live show or even live blogging would be wicked good!

Michael Richards

Wicked Decent Learning said...

Dan here:

Thanks Michael!

And great suggestions on the mind mapping. And feel free to talk up the show around your school -- we really hope that elementary teachers can benefit from our discussions.

We'll start planning for a live recording event in some capacity. We've gotta think about this stuff a few weeks ahead of time to make sure the calendar is there. Expect an announcement on the blog and during next week's show.

mrichme said...

Here is another one from the ReadWriteThink site, Webbing tool.

Mark said...

Hey guys-

I am not sure that raising taxes and/or nickel and dime fee hikes to get us out of the current state budget crisis is the answer. As a state worker (and a teacher), I can tell you there is plenty of fat to cut in the state budget.

I agree with you on reducing the size of the legislature (although you and I both know that will never happen). A good place to cut would also be the excess of management positions in state government. Positions are created all the time just so someone who has lots of years of service can keep their job. Let's cut that fat off first before we start raising our already too high tax burden. [/rant]

If we do need to raise taxes, let's raise tourist taxes (hotel rooms, rental cars, etc). It has been a successful strategy for states like Florida for years (yes, I am from away).

I continue to enjoy the show each week. I usually listen in the car (I have a 50 minute commute each way), so I am not sure about live, but it might be fun to try. I also am going to try and get the word out about your show on my blog Cooked On Education.

Mark Spahr

Mark said...
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Wicked Decent Learning said...

Dan here:

I'm not a money guy, so I'm not sure what the best answer for increasing revenue is. My thoughts tend to go immediately toward the tangible, identifiable, recognizable and that tends to be fee and sales tax related.

Florida certainly has benefitted from its tourist tax, but also has a 30 year history with a certain Mouse and is a two season state with a greater capacity for tourism that results in dollars spent. (Not so much money being spent on a canoe trip through the Allagash, y'know?)

BUT it is a suggestion and a possible solution and it is better than continuing to cut and cut and cut and then expect to get more out of people.

Thanks for listening, Mark. And the promotion is always welcome!

Mark said...


First, sorry for the double post.

I realize that Florida is an entirely different situation with regards to taxing tourists. Having grown up in Orlando, I am vaguely aware of this mouse guy you are talking about (I actually worked for a couple of summers in the Magic Kingdom).

I am not trying to say that raising tourist taxes would cure all of Maine's cash flow problems. But if we are going to have to raise taxes (which seems inevitable at this point) lets find a way that has the least impact on the already over-taxed citizens of our state. It's not like people stay away from Maine just because our hotel taxes are too high.

Thanks to you guys for adding my blog to your "Stuff we like, maybe you would too..." list as well! Keep up the good work on the podcast. It is a blast to listen to!