Monday, March 10, 2008

Help Us Spread the Word

Dan here:

Now that we are at 10 episodes, Jeff and I are starting to feel like this is really happening. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge one for ideas, but not always so awesome with execution. Heck, we first sat down to talk about doing a podcast oh .... over a year ago? Something like that?

Well, now that we've got some product out there, we'd like to build our audience.

What I've posted below is a form letter you could use for an e-mail to help spread the word about Wicked Decent Learning. The more listeners we have, the more feedback we have the potential to receive, and the more the show becomes a dialogue which is where Jeff and I really want to see things go. So please feel free to use the below -- I know I will be.

And thanks for the assist.

Like the fair loon that swims with the best of them but has serious issues and looks awfully goofy when trying to get airborn, a new education podcast has taken flight in the podcast-o-sphere and the blog-o-sphere: Wicked Decent Learning. Created by two practicing educators, Wicked Decent Learning examines issues in education of importance to Maine and the world beyond. Each episode features a discussion as well as a number of integration suggestions related to technology, literacy and media. And, ayuh, we throw our fair share of western Maine shenanigans into the mix, too.

Wicked Decent Learning is available through iTunes as well as our blog,

Keep fighting the good fight,

Dan & Jeff
Hosts of Wicked Decent Learning


Mr. Byrne said...

Hi Jeff and Dan,
I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I'll help get the word out about your podcasts by linking it to my blog.


Wicked Decent Learning said...

Dan here:

Gotta love free publicity.