Sunday, March 16, 2008

Episode 11 Going Pro

Show notes:
Discussion: @ 2:24
Jeff n' Dan discuss their ideas of teachers as professionals.

Tech Talk: @ 39:57
Jeff Reviews some blogging tools.
Blog Meister

Media Integration: @ 49:13
Dan discusses Youthcast from PRX

Book Talk @ 53:33
Dan talks about the book My Sister’s Voices: Teenage Girls of Color Speak Out by Iris Jacob
See excerpts on Google Books

Didya See?: @ 58:16
Maine Can Do Better Demonstration in Augusta

Listener Feedback @ 59:24
Thanks to Mark, Harold, Jim Burke, Micheal Richard, Mr. Byrne and others for helping us promote the show.
Great discussion and comments on the blog check ‘em out.

Music in this week's episode comes from Penmachine Podcast. “Meltdown Man” intro music by Derek K. Miller.

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This episode was recorded March 16, 2008.


Jim Burke said...

Regarding eliminating navbar at top of blogger, see Kern Kelley's post at Tech Curve:

BTW . . . another great topic! Keep 'em coming.


Mr. Byrne said...

Here are directions for removing navigation bar at the top of Blogger sites.

Mark said...

Hey Guys-

Another great episode. I listened to it on my way to work Monday morning. I had several LOL moments. It was a great way to start my week. Highlights for me included the "sorting hat" bit and the fashion talk. I think you should definitely add a new segment: What Not To Wear- Teacher Edition.


Wicked Decent Learning said...

Dan here:

Oh, don't encourage me, Mark .. please... I'm not that strong a man...