Thursday, March 20, 2008

Episode 12 Sir, What's this Technology Doing in My Soup?

Episode- 12 Sir, What’s This Technology Doing in My Soup?
Show notes:
Discussion: @ 4:11
Jeff n' Dan discuss a user suggested topic of effective Technology Integration.

Tech Talk: @ 39:11
Jeff Reviews some fun and functional online comic creation tools.

Book Talk @ 53:24
Dan talks about the book What a Song Can Do: Twelve Riffs on the Power of Music edited by Jennifer Armstrong.

Media Integration: @ 58:56
Dan discusses the video streaming site

Didya See?: @ 1:05:00
Neither did we…

Listener Feedback @ 1:08:10

Music in this week's episode comes from Penmachine Podcast. “Meltdown Man” intro music by Derek K. Miller.

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This episode was recorded March 20, 2008.


mrichme said...

Guys the movie you were trying to recall with Paul Giamatti is "Big Fat Liar".

Thanks for the shoutout. As usual you had a very entertaining show. I should have listened to it while I'm sitting through my PD inservice day. Today must be inservice day in Maine.


Amy said...

Dan here:

Yes! Big Fat Liar!

Camden Hills was one school that didn't have an inservice Friday. My theater crew landed at 10 a.m. to discover a building full of students.

And the best school cafeteria any of us had ever been in.

Mark said...

Hey guys-

Another fun show. I know it has been out for a week now, but I have a really good excuse for the lapse, and I am now just getting back to some sort of routine.

I was "shocked" that there was no Hulu-love for the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno, sad solo piano themed version of "The Incredible Hulk." I used to love that show! A couple of other shows that are available that jumped out at me were Doogie Howser (I am almost ashamed to admit that I used to watch it. I will have to watch one to see if it is as bad now as I think it might be) and clips from "In Living Color."

One suggestion for next week's "What this show is not." It is not a source of instant movie knowledge (after the Paul Giamati bit- don't you just hate brain cramps?).

I am one of those people you talked about that plays around with all types of web aps. I can get really excited about some of them, and try to share them with some of my colleagues. I am frequently met with skepticism. It is usually a "so how is this going to improve my teaching when I am already a good teacher?" kind of reaction. I think you really have to have your act together on the technical side and on the pedagogical side and anticipate these questions before going to other teachers.

I think that in-services would be a great topic for a show. One possible aspect to cover could be to ask "are teachers today good learners?"

Looking forward to the next show,


Mr. Byrne said...

I agree Noteshare is lousy! The loudest complaints/grumbles/"screw-yous" I get when trying to convince teachers that the state-provided Mac is a good thing is about NoteShare.