Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Night Live Recording

Dan here:

We're hard at work on the next episode tonight. So far, it would seem the hellacious weather we were supposed to get amounts to a whole lot of water.

I'm stoked at the moment because our high school's competition one-act took home first place in the regionals today! States, baby, States! I couldn't be more proud of 'em. And a student-written, student-directed production no less!

Anywho . . .

This week's episode is about group work -- the opportunities, the pitfalls, the habits, the awesomeness. We'll talk about how we might better make group work function better in our own classrooms and hopefully shed some insights into your work.

Jeff is gonna talk mindmapping and graphic organizers in the Tech Tools segment.

I've doing a two-fer and talking about the possibility of integrating fantasy sports media into the classroom along with the use of sports publications and excerpts from Michael Lewis' Moneyball.

And we'll yap about the most recent developments in consolidation and budget news. (Spoiler Alert: Things ain't any better! Shock! Awe!)

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